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Hiking and Our Impact on Nature reflecting on Diyaluma Camping

My Kind of People :)

“High natural pool, the breathtaking view in Diyaluma has led to a disaster. The inflow of tourists, as well as campers and hikers, have made once lonely beauty, a Saturday market.”

If you are planning your next trip to be alone with your friends in the woods and “feel and enjoy” nature,

Do not go to DIYALUMA for CAMPING!

you will find disco music, beer cans, scattered liquor bottles and polythene.

I went there two years ago when this place wasn’t a major attraction. I wrote this article with the good intention of sharing what I experienced. I wanted you/everyone to experience the same. So I included many details as possible about Diyaluma Waterfall.

Diyaluma Article Went Viral on Google

The article went viral as well as climbed up to the 1st position of Google. I was happy about my SEO skills as well as I am making more people interested in nature. I was happy about the part of being in the process. I believe that visiting places like this will make people love nature.

“Diyaluma Camping Search Result”

The destruction that Followed to Diyaluma

Then yesterday (23rd December, 18) I saw some FB posts and destruction has taken place in the area.

“Travel Guide Sri Lanka” Facebook Post about Diyaluma

I am sad.
I am angry.
I cried.
I felt responsible.

Diyaluma is an ecosystem. any human interference put it off balance. However, nature can repair itself. But there is a catch.

There’s a rate of healing. Then there’s the rate inflow of visitors. When the rate of inflow passed the natural healing process of nature. The result is destruction and pollution.

Ultimately leading to loss of beauty to this country and generations to come.

What is the right you have to destroy this? You didn’t build it. You don’t own it!.

Diyaluma Camping is a classic example of us, Bloggers who promote hidden locations and be part of the process. We have seen it happening again and again. The classic local examples are Meemure, Diyaluma, Patna, Yala.

Options to Minimize our Impact on Places such as Diyaluma

Beauty That You Must See From Your Eyes !!!, Also Protect It

I am not asking you to not to go there. I am not asking you to enjoy nature. I am not asking you to camp at Diyaluma. I believe opposite of those. I believe everyone should hike, go camping and listen to nature.

What I am asking you is,

Don’t go to DIYALUMA or Naturally beautiful place to have a DRINK!
Just to leave tin cans and alcohol bottles there.

Don’t you dare to LEAVE polythene or anything that is non-degradable!

Also if you don’t know how to poop and pee without disturbing the nature. Read this guide.

Don’t goto Diyaluma to selfie so that you get damn LIKES!
Go there to enjoy the beauty, see the beautiful sunrise and feel the cold breeze.

Wake Up Call

This was a wake-up call for me to rethink of the direction of the blog and other social media account. I said to myself that I am going to be part of the solution now on and DO WHAT I CAN DO TO PROTECT. Even if that means writing articles about sustainable and eco-friendly camping.

Next year I am going to write a series of articles on “How to go camping hiking without being a burden to nature”.

I believe that we can be the change for positivity instead of negativity and stop overcrowding to the sensitive ecosystems such as Diyaluma.

Don’t complain that everyone else doing the wrong thing.
Because if you complain and do nothing. You are no better than the person who’s polluting.


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