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Day 01- Do what you know


Day started at scout and frodos. I was lucky enough to add Sinhala version of don’t close the toilet door at 😂 Scout and Frodo (Triple double crowners) (Apparently in America people don’t close the toilet door after they are done). Fast forward to morning, I was at the southern terminus of PCT. It felt unreal. Standing up on the monument and jumping like a kid. Miles came easy. (Well...

Prologue – Pacific Crest Trail


Prologue For the last 4 years, I saved up money for one thing and one thing only. To take 6 months off to do the Pacific Crest Trail, a 4200km long hike. This decision came to light during my university years. I remember being excited about this trail, looking at videos. I let the idea to grown in my mind and nurtured it to a point where I set a 4-year goal. My home country is going thru the...

A Definitive Guide to Annapurna Circuit (AC)


Annapurna Circuit Guide is a very descriptive and long article. The following is an outline of what you find here. Situated among the mighty mountains in Nepal, the Annapurna Circuit is an isolated and remote area during winter. Yes, the winter, the off-season. Because in the high season it is crowded with over 100 hikers. But in the off-season, you might find yourself or your group walking all...

Soloing abroad for the first time

person sitting by the river

A perspective of an Asian Traveler View from the wing <3 It’s on movies, TV series and most of the travel blogs. It’s cliche. “Buy a ticket and hop on a plane”. Well, it’s not that easy when you are an Asian. The hustle for planning and leaving You have to answer your parents, relative s and friends(even if you are 23. 18+ doesn’t mean a thing). You have to...

Hiking and Our Impact on Nature reflecting on Diyaluma Camping


“High natural pool, the breathtaking view in Diyaluma has led to a disaster. The inflow of tourists, as well as campers and hikers, have made once lonely beauty, a Saturday market.” If you are planning your next trip to be alone with your friends in the woods and “feel and enjoy” nature, Do not go to DIYALUMA for CAMPING! you will find disco music, beer cans, scattered...

Ranamure Village- A Place to Discover

Sun Rays toucing ground at Ranamure

Ranamure is a Developing Village, with a unique combination of agriculture, nature, humanity. Ranamure Village is closely attached with Legends of Rama and the Ramayana. It is the perfect place for a nature lover, historian or a hiker. My first contact with Ranamure was when I came from Duvili Ella to Here. But I truly discovered this village when Nuwanthika invited me to her Idea Lab Project (A...

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