Is Quechua Trek 100 the best hiking shoes for hiking in Sri Lanka ?


8 Months ago I bought the Quechua trek 100 trekking shoes from Decathlon. I wanted proper hiking shoes that keep my feet dry and ankles safe. There is a higher chance of me breaking my ankle because of my clumsiness. Luckily it hasn’t happened so far.

Quechua trek 100
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This article is about,

  • Review (Pros and Cons) on Trek 100
  • My Opinion on Trek 100 (Depending on Experience).
  • Activities that Trek 100 is Good for

I want to say this article is not sponsored and I paid for the shoes before we get started.

I used Quechua Trek 100 shoes for 6 adventures ( add up to 100+ Kms). Now I have tested it well. I am going to say what I have to say.

Review & MY opinion

1. Waterproof in extreme conditions

Well, this is the best part. I have kept my feet dry everywhere I went while others drowning their feet in mud. It can be rainy conditions in Knuckles, Mist & Rain in Horton Plains or Extreme Caving at Nil Diya Pokuna. Quechua Trek 100 stands tall without any leaks.

Quechua trek 100
Waterproof !!!

It is safe to say that Quechua Trek 100 has a good waterproof mechanism. According to the Quechua website, it can survive up to 16 km of walking in water up to the middle of the upper (continuously). So Quechua Trek 100 can survive Sri Lankan conditions unless if you walking on a water path for more than 16KM. Maybe a walk starting along the Mahaweli river.

2. It is made of breathable materials but it can eat you up on a sunny day.

The trek 100 gives a good protection from cold and enough breathability keep your feet without boiling up. It is perfect to wear in a rain forest like knuckles, Horton Plains.

However, if it is a typical sunny day in Sri Lanka, you are going to suffer a little. Because in tropical conditions your feet sweat more. It does keep sweat inside the shoe. So moisture can build up in a long hike. If you are walking 20Km+ then make sure that you take off your shoes once or twice to avoid the moisture build up.

3. 100Km + and Going strong

Trek 100 Men's Trekking Shoes
Jack of All traits !

I wore Quechua Trek 100 shoes for cave exploring, railway hike, Sri Pada via Kuruvita Road, Kirigalpoththa Summit and more. I have to say trek 100 doesn’t have a scratch on it. SUPER DUPER STRONG !.

4. It has a firm grip in most cases but fails on mossy rock surfaces

The most important aspect of the shoe is the grip. Quechua Trek 100 has a proper grip. It keeps your foot sit inside the shoe comfortably. At the same time, it maintains a proper grip. I have tested this on all kind of surfaces except snow(well we don’t have snow in Sri Lanka as far as I know). Mud, Rocks, Grass, Water Paths It doesn’t matter. Online reviews confirm that it holds pretty well for snow as well.

However, the trek 100 loses its grip on extremely wet mossy rock surfaces. It was apparent when I was at knuckles. So If you are buying these shoes be mindful when using it on wet mossy surfaces.

5. Extra protection from leeches & reptiles.

It is safe to say that no reptile can bite you through the trek 100 because of extra layers of protection.

One of the major concerns while hiking in Sri Lanka or any other tropical country is leeches. Trek 100 provides a bulletproof solution for leeches if you coupled it with a pair of gaiters. I was able to keep my feet leech free during knuckles hike by using these shoes and self-made gaiters(I will do a DIY Article Soon, So Stay Tuned!).

6. Solid Ankle Guard

Resting the feet with Trek 100
Resting after Caving

I love the ankle guard because I am clumsy sometimes. My ankle goes sideways time to time. Trek 100 gives solid protection to ankles. It adds extra protection to protect you from reptiles and other animals.

7. It is lightweight for its kind. But it can be heavy if you plan to carry it

This is a workhorse of hiking shoes. So it is meant to be heavy. A Pair of shoes weights around 1kg. So yes it is heavy if you plan to carry it.

1kg is the average for a lot of hiking shoes. So it is not that heavy. You have to remember that you are trading weight for safety, durability and other things mentioned in this article.

8. Great Value for Money

Let’s talk about money. The pair cost 13750 LKR in Sri Lanka. You can visit the product page here. A pair of Nike cost way more than this. These shoes provide a lot of features for hiking. I have to say that the Quechua equipment is of good quality even though they haven’t priced high as brands such as timberland and condor.

If you are a person who goes on hikes often I recommend this. Investing in proper hiking shoes can improve comfort, safety and health.

9. Bonus plus point: Good for Photographs! Seriously!

Dumbara Ella
Scenic Photographs <3 !

Yes, You can take awesome photos with this pair. Just saying this is an additional perk.

Verdict for Quechua trek 100


+ Good Grip
+ Great Value for Money
+ Protection
+ Durability
+ Waterproof


– Lack of Breathability
– Lack of grip in Mossy surfaces
– Little bit Heavy to carry it separately


 Quechua Trek 100 is an ALL-ROUNDER

I give this shoes 7.4/10. It provides enough features and functionality to use in Sri Lanka. It is an affordable pair and provides tons of functionality and support.You can purchase it from a Decathlon store as I did. They provide 2-year warranty for damaged product. I contacted Decathlon to inquire about the warranty. Their warranty does not cover user wear and tear damages. They provide warranty for product damages other wear and tear category.

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Vinura Perera

Hi to everyone, My name is Vinura!
Hello, I'm a different soul that roam around different landscapes chasing the beauty of Mother Nature. I found "Chase the Wonders" blog to share my experience with all of you :).


    • Hi Varun, I used this in Nepal for Annapurna Hike where I encountered the SNOW. This kept my feet dry. However if it gets wet or damped , that would be a problem. This is okay with snow, but if it is ice, you need crampons for sure.

  • Thanks for your review and taking the time to publish it. Contemplating buying a pair and your review was quite useful in my research.

  • Trying to decide between these and the MH500.
    MH500 are softer and more cushion like, the Trek 100 are about 1cm taller and had tougher / stronger sole.
    The Trek 100 feels stronger overall, but aren’t as comfortable as the MH500 (at least in the store)..they feel harder.
    I ordered the MH500 but I can replace to the Trek 100 (Decathlon next to my house). Both are the exact same price ($96 USD).
    Change to Trek 100 or keep the MH500…? Confused.
    Going to Annapurna in a week.
    Help me decide please

Vinura Perera

Hi to everyone, My name is Vinura!
Hello, I'm a different soul that roam around different landscapes chasing the beauty of Mother Nature. I found "Chase the Wonders" blog to share my experience with all of you :).

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