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Is Quechua Trek 100 the best hiking shoes for hiking in Sri Lanka ?

Quechua trek 100

8 Months ago I bought the Quechua trek 100 trekking shoes from Decathlon. I wanted proper hiking shoes that keep my feet dry and ankles safe. There is a higher chance of me breaking my ankle because of my clumsiness. Luckily it hasn’t happened so far. This article is about, Review (Pros and Cons) on Trek 100 My Opinion on Trek 100 (Depending on Experience). Activities that Trek 100 is Good for I...

A Walk Among The Wild – Pada Yatra Guide

Animal skeleton

Pada Yatra – Introduction This guide gives you full details to prepare for Pada Yatra. What is Pada Yatra? Every year Yala restricted area is opened for public due to Pada Yatra ( foot pilgrimage). Pada Yatra is afoot pilgrimaging from Jaffna to Kataragama. The road to the Kataragama after the Okada is through Kumana, and Yala Block A and B. Usually the block B is restricted for any...

My Favorite List of Travel and Hiking Movies

Travel and hiking movies to watch

Once in a while, we all lose our wanderlust. It is important to get some motivation to travel. I hope that this list of My Favorite Travel and Hiking Movies will help you. 🙂 Into the Wild The movie takes you on a journey of leaving everything behind and Hit the road. It is the perfect movie for anyone who’s looking for travel inspiration. This travel movie takes you through highs and lows...

Kirigalpoththa & Thotupala Summits, off the Beaten Horton Plains Trail

Horton Plains

Kirigalpoththa and Thotupala Trails are lesser known among the visitors of Horton Plains. Yet I might argue the best view is from Kirigapoththa Summit (compared to the World’s End) Kirigalpoththa(2392 m) is the 2nd Highest peak and Thotupala (2361 m) is the 3rd highest peak. You have the chance to cross off two mountains from your bucket list. Since the Piduruthalagala the highest peak of...

An open letter to fellow travelers,

adventure hiking on devil's staricase

Dear traveler, I hope you are enjoying your vacation/trip/time on the road. I know it is wonderful to be amazed by sights, get lost in the crowd and feel the nature. It is indeed a great pleasure and a privilege. I know the feeling when you get a lot of likes to your picture on Facebook, hearts in Instagram and people view you as a travel expert. In my case, I haven’t travelled much, but...

Rock Climbing at Climb Lanka: Hang on to your Hands


Rock Climbing, a relatively new activity for Sri Lankans. It is a mentally and physically demanding activity that tests you. But the beauty of it is that anyone can engage in this activity without investing a lot. Do you remember the feeling of doing something for the first time? Riding a bicycle, surfing, first solo trip or the first time you did something that you love. Rock Climbing gave me...

Vinura Perera

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