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Rock Climbing at Climb Lanka: Hang on to your Hands

Rock Climbing, a relatively new activity for Sri Lankans. It is a mentally and physically demanding activity that tests you. But the beauty of it is that anyone can engage in this activity without investing a lot.


Do you remember the feeling of doing something for the first time? Riding a bicycle, surfing, first solo trip or the first time you did something that you love. Rock Climbing gave me chills and butterflies. It was interesting and pumped adrenaline through my body giving me a sensation of liberty and freedom.

The Place


Climb-Lanka is one of the pioneers in introducing this sport. The reservation must be made prior to the arrival. This can be done via contacting Sachith (077 472 1937) the owner of ClimbLanka. Kodigahakanda Sanctuary is a 2-hour drive away from Colombo.

Apart from rock climbing, Kodigahakanda Sanctuary is an ideal place to hike around. There is a vantage point with a nice view when you get to the top. Furthermore, it is very calm and quiet. Ideal for one-day relaxing activity with hiking and rock climbing.

Scenic View from the Top <3

Getting There

One can take 120 Horana – Pettah Bus and get down from Koralima Junction and take a tuk-tuk. It costs around 150 LKR to reach the Kodigahakanda Sanctuary.

Safety & Equipment

All the equipment that you need will be provided by Climb Lanka. You will be briefed on safety measures and rules to follow. This will help you to stay safe and enjoy ROCK CLIMBING!

Climbing Equipment. Photo Courtesy: Priyanjith Madhushanka

My Experience

I had past experience with abseiling, but to my surprise, this was more challenging. Rock Climbing is a sport where your mind and body has to become one. I had to strategically plan my route to the top and be mindful of my next step while hanging on the rock.

Trying to find my way around….

I lost my grip in the beginning but I didn’t worry about it that much because of the safety rope that was attached to my harness. Loosing the grip is also fun because I get to run on the rock to get back to where I was :P.

All in all, after a few minutes I was able to get a hang of it. Then it was all about making the right decision that will help you to climb up fast and easily. The Instructor on the ground assisted me with instructions when I was struggling. He was helpful and didn’t take the eye away from me according to my friend who was on the ground.

Reaching The Top Felt SO GOOD !

I climbed to the top twice. It felt like full body workout and I wasn’t sure if I had enough juice for a 3rd round.

Now it’s Your Turn!

All in all, it was a safe sport due to the safety measures and technical aspects. If you are a beginner and looking to try it out, click here. It will be one of those things that you will do for the first time in your life!!!

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