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Ranamure Village- A Place to Discover

Sun Rays toucing ground at Ranamure

Ranamure is a Developing Village, with a unique combination of agriculture, nature, humanity. Ranamure Village is closely attached with Legends of Rama and the Ramayana. It is the perfect place for a nature lover, historian or a hiker.

My first contact with Ranamure was when I came from Duvili Ella to Here. But I truly discovered this village when Nuwanthika invited me to her Idea Lab Project (A project to teach English to the kids )

In a highly commercialized Colombo environment and Competitive university, we don’t get to see the nature for real. Even if we go on a trip it’s about that Instagram pic and how many likes we get.

But what if you are cut out from the internet? Blind and take away from rest of the world. It is an experience to have in a world like this.

Paddy Fields that meets the mountains, lakes that flows through rocks and birds that chirping freely are few luxuries you would enjoy where you cant buy within an Urban area.

However I have to tell you, Ranamure is not the village to have a drink and sing loud and chill. You will be asked to go home. Villagers are concerned about abuse of their nature for our fun.

This a Journal of Photos and Some Pieces of Information to Reach Ranamure. Enjoy <3

Getting There – Colombo to Ranamure

You can use public transportation or a private vehicle. The roads have built up properly with the new Moragahakanda project.

If you are taking public transportation. Take a bus to reach Dambulla. Then take the bus that leads to Hettipola and gets off at Junction towards Ranamure(Bus Conductor Knows !). From there take a tuk-tuk to Ranamure village or walk.

The Photo Journal of Ranamure

Life at Ranamure. Simple and Embedded with Nature
Just before Sun rays kiss the ground.
Rice is simply hard work of these men.
Into the Wild
Let her take your worries away……<3

help the Community – A call for an Action

I strongly believe that as travevlers we should give back to the communities. It doesn’t have to be money but anything that helps them.

Recently I got involved in this project where we teach English to the kids in Ranamure. You can enjoy nature and truly emerge yourself in the local community. Those kids would help you to discover the beauty of Ranamure.

Smiles <3

If you are interested in joining read this article by Nuwanthika for more information. You can drop me an email if you want to get involved from here.



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