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Prologue – Pacific Crest Trail


For the last 4 years, I saved up money for one thing and one thing only. To take 6 months off to do the Pacific Crest Trail, a 4200km long hike.

This decision came to light during my university years. I remember being excited about this trail, looking at videos. I let the idea to grown in my mind and nurtured it to a point where I set a 4-year goal.

My home country is going thru the worst economic crisis of its entire history. Life is hard, politicians are useless and I am going on a hike. Every time I think about this, I genuinely feel guilty. I think about the privilege, I think about the what is our future, I think about doom scenarios.

One of the main reasons I decided to do it now is,

It will be more expensive next year because of the exponential currency devaluation. I was a bit lucky to get my visa, air tickets, gear, and USD sorted out before march.

I have realized that we work to live, but we just get by. We give up our dreams when becoming an adult. We replaced them with more traditional ones. I think this is more true for people from developing countries such as mine. I want to travel but a visa is an issue, I want to do things that make me feel alive but we have a weak currency. I want to see it all without worrying about the crisis at home.

I am hopeful for the future, they say storm get worst before it passes. I am hoping this is the storm back at home.

My mind runs wild with all of these thoughts. Anyway,

I am willing to let my career takes a hit just do the thing that I love to do. I ran the rat race very well. Ticked all the boxes, and in return, I hiked less and less. Then the Pandemic happened, then I forgot what it is to feel alive. It became just waking up, setting in Infront of my computer, writing code, checking out, watching Netflix at night then sleeping and returning again. However, I was grateful just to have a good stable job during the pandemic.

Maybe I will find what I lost, maybe I will realize that I don’t like what I lost together. Maybe I will find something new.

I am walking 4200km on foot, I will camp, I will endure in my own way. But I know for a fact that peeps back at home will have to walk a tougher train than my long hike.

Lastly, I hope, SL comes out with a new set of educated politicians who puts the country first than their pockets. We the younger generation tired of seeing our dreams are crushed and stolen Infront of our own eyes.

Anyway, see you on trail ♥️.

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