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Kandy The Sri Lankan Last Kingdom


Kandy reminds us about the Temple of the Tooth and the magical festive season of Asela Perahera. Yet there are gems hidden within Kandy which often goes unnoticed even by the residents. Misty Mornings Walk around the Bogambara Lake. Early morning walk or a run around Bogambara Lake is the best way to start the day. The scenic view of the “Temple of Tooth” is enough to energize your...

13 Reasons Why You should not travel around Sri Lanka.


With its most scenic landscapes to diverse culture, Sri Lanka is one of those destinations that you should not simply decide to just walking into. 1- Starting with Railways with trains that don’t have air conditioning. That’s right, these trains are so advanced that it lets you feel the breeze that blows through the mountains. 2- There are many mountains to climb and landscapes are so...

Diyaluma Falls : Camping Among Elephants


Have you had your plans gone totally wrong? Did you ever have to re-plan everything instantly? Well, this is one of those stories. The Begining Whenever I went on camping for the past year it always came down to one story when it comes to transportation. 99 Badulla Bus !! After passing the Rathnapura Area, all one can see are the mountains and breathtaking landscapes. Since our journey started at...

A Walk to Photograph #WWIM15SriLanka


A day filled with Smiles, laughter and Good Vibes even though I was among bunch of strangers When I first saw “#WWIM15SriLanka“, sad memories of 2016 resurfaced. I remembered how I wanted to attend the 2016 event but only managed to end up staring at @Amalini’s pictures. This time I was determined to meet the community of people who ‘walked and took photos’. I wanted to...

Towards the Summit of Piduruthalagala (Part 2)


A mamoth task ahead, and we only had 3 hours of sleep…. This article is a continuation of Unexpected Journey to Summit of Piduruthalagala via Mandaramnuwara Part 1. If you haven’t read that, go through it first ! The Second Day With first rays of sunlight, we started to eat our breakfast and embark on the journey ahead. “Kodigahana Mountain Summit” This mountain is famous among...

Unexpected Journey to Summit of Piduruthalagala via Mandaramnuwara Part 1


Eating bee honey to fight our hunger when the world seems blurry and legs are sore, one of the best hikes so far! “Best journeys are not planned but happened” and this adventure is the best example. It all started when we (myself and Chanaka) wanted to find more about Mandaramnuwara. The journey that we embarked was full of obstacles and fears that give you chills starting from leopards to...

Vinura Perera

Hi to everyone, My name is Vinura!
Hello, I'm a different soul that roam around different landscapes chasing the beauty of Mother Nature. I found "Chase the Wonders" blog to share my experience with all of you :).

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